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Robert "Bob" Yellin

Robert "Bob" Yellin was an inventor, super-genius problem-solver, software programmer, software engineer, robotics designer and manufacturer, machinist, prototype fabricator, former chief technology officer of several large, hi-tech corporations.  Bob was also a much loved husband, father, uncle, son, brother and good friend to many.  Bob started his career at Aetna insurance company with a self-taught programming skill set; he worked his way up the management chain rapidly; eventually he was responsible for the daily operations of the the main-frame system of the largest data base in the world.  Bob left the insurance company to join a start-up software company (BST), each acquired by larger (Legent) and larger (CA) firms.  Eventually Bob moved to Texas as VP of Technology at Tivoli-IBM.  He happily left the corporate world to "get his hands dirty" and he started his much loved ZBot, LLC. 

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Bob touched so many lives and he loved mentoring interns, colleagues, family, and friends.  Bob was a born teacher and was passionate about the pursuit of learning...anything new!  He never backed away from a new challenge and he was a master at debugging issues within complex systems.  Bob's Dad (Hy Yellin, also memorialized in this foundation) was a brilliant tinkerer. Bob had exposure to, and was very influenced by his Dad's ability to "figure it out" - a common response Bob received when he asked his Dad a question. Bob was disgusted by the disparity of opportunities for kids and exposure to STEM that was based on demographics, and he wanted to help bring about change.  To honor Bob's exceptional talents in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and his love for creating opportunities and mentoring, we have created a fund to sponsor programs in schools and community centers with equity initiatives that increase educational opportunities for under-represented populations.   More about Bob on his tribute page from November 19th, 2020 HERE

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